“Wine production really begins in the vineyards and to make a good wine we need good grapes”. 

This ought is the principle guiding for “Coteaux du Liban”.


Our vineyards, training on wire frames, are planted in the Bekaa Valley and particularly at the slops of the city of Zahle at an altitude of 1100m in clay and limestone soil without any chemical fertilizer.


“Coteaux du Liban” reflects its particular terroir from ideal climatic conditions because the sun shines for about 275 days of the year on an average of 12 hours each day which benefits our grapes during their growth period and affects grape maturation. The yearly rainfall is around 600 mm distributed from November till March.  The warm days and chilly nights contribute to the ripening of the grapes before harvesting.

These characteristics of the climate, soil and terroir have a considerable influence on the vines and the consequences are beneficial for the quality and produces wines full bodied, well balanced with the most attractive fruity and spicy flavor.